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Accessories 2008



Extra Love Sticker Kit

_2 parts

Set consists of:
2 Extra Love Nicolai decals

[ Sticker set]   Extra Love

N/A - EUR (retail price Germany)

N-Volution Sticker Kit

_9 parts

Set consists of:
9 N-Volution decals
in 3 different sizes
[ Sticker set]   N-Volution

N/A - EUR (retail price Germany)

Model name Sticker Kit

_2 parts

Set consists of:
2 Model name decals

2 Sticker sizes - height > 2cm or

Ask for colours

Extra charge for custom sizes and extra colours

[ Sticker set]   Model name

N/A - EUR (retail price Germany)
Travel Bag
_for foldable Helius Travel

The Helius Travel is easily be folded and can then be put into this bag and be transported comfortably in elevators, escalators and crowded trains. Arriving at the destination it becomes a mountain bike again within three minutes and the bag becomes a rucksack.

>> details
[ Travel Bag ]   for foldable Helius Travel

495,- EUR (retail price Germany)
Fett Set
_Stainless steel headset

Due to hard riding and long forks headsets with bearing cups of short depth are not strong enough and are not able to absorb the stress and loads inflicted upon them, thus leading, most of the time, to ovalised head tube in the bearing area. To prevent this, we recommend that all NICOLAI models with a 1 1/8” head tube (except Argon CC, Saturn, Nonius, Nucleon AMX and Helius CC) to be used and abused be mounted with a headset with at least 22mm deep stainless steel bearing cups. For frames with a 1.5 steering tube we recommend headsets with at least 15 mm deep cups. The head tube on these models are already prepared to receive a so-called steel-set. Older Nicolai models for which a head set with deep cups is recommended can be reconditioned by us for the installation of an appropriate headset. Damages to the head tube, following the mounting of an inappropriate headset despite our previous recommendations, will not be covered by our warranty.

For 1 1/8 head tubes the Nicolai Fett Set with it’s 1“ deep stainless steel bearing cups and oversized sealed ball bearings is perfectly suited for extreme use. This increased cup depth will allow for the forces of an impact to be distributed more evenly throughout the head tube area.
[ Fett Set ]   Stainless steel head set

101,56 EUR (retail price Germany)
Fett Reducer
_One-Point-Five Stainless steel headset

For 1.5 head tubes the Nicolai Fett Reducer is doing the job. It is similar to the Fett Set in layout, function and components except for the bigger aluminium cups. The Fett Reducer is for 1 1/8” fork shafts only, it is not capable for 1.5 forks.
[ Fett Reducer ]   aluminium 1 1/8" head set for 1.5 headtubes

101,56 EUR (retail price Germany)
_One-Point-Five to 1 1/8" bushing set

Aluminium bushing set to fit any kind of 1 1/8" headsets into our 1.5 headtube.
[ Reducer ]   aluminium bushings set 1.5" to 1 1/8"

30,78 EUR (retail price Germany)
Heavy Duty Sticker Kit
_18 parts

Hard-wearing, high-grade adhesive decals kit, made of extra strong film.

Set consists of:
3 different logo sizes for head tube, main tube, chainstay guard N-Dots
[ Sticker set]   Heavy duty

49,95 EUR (retail price Germany)
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